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Reviews for the week of September 11, 2000.

The Cell

The Cell
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The Cell can be best described as really, really, really far out there. And yet, this strange, confusing sci-fi flick fails to be entertaining.

Jennifer Lopez plays a shrink who uses some very advanced technology to literally get into crazy people's heads. Then she tries to talk them out of their craziness. They never really explain how this method words, but then it isn't very interesting anyway.

As you might guess, the police want her to help them get into the mind of a comatose psycho killer, to find out where he hid his next intended victim (who he previously kidnapped). So Lopez gets her head hooked up to the crazy killer's head and starts shrinking.

If you ask me, the only reason Jennifer Lopez gets acting roles is because guys like to look at her. Not that she or any of the other actors have a great script to work with - the plot makes little sense. And fancy camerawork only equals fancy camerawork - it doesn't equal a fantastic movie. Basically, The Cell is a waste of time and money.

My Rating = One Star

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