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Review of the day for the week of April 6, 1998.

Secret of My Success

Secret of My Success
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The Secret of My Success is a lively comedy based on the premise of a very unrealistic start in business.

Talented actor Michael J. Fox stars as the unfortunately named Brantley Foster ("Someone actually gave you that name?" asks a rude guy), a country boy gone to the city looking for work. Despite a college degree, he has a difficult time securing a job because he lacks experience. As a last resort, he goes to his distant cousin Howard Prescott (Richard Jordan I) for help. Prescott takes pity on him - and offers him a job in the mailroom. Seeing this as a glowing opportunity, Brantley takes some sneaky measures to move up in the company. Posing as a new executive in a different department, he makes some valid suggestions - and makes eyes at the pretty and brainy female executive that he has a crush on. Meanwhile, he has an affair with Prescott's wife (he doesn't know she's Prescott's wife until Prescott comes home and almost catches them together, in a very comical scene).

Fox, a very gifted and appealing actor, was perfect for this role. The other actors were perfectly cast, and the nonsensical plot is kept me laughing the whole way through.

My Rating = Three Stars

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