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Say It Isn't So



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Reviews for the week of April 2, 2001.

Say It Isn't So

Say It Isn't So
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Say It Isn't So is a more than adequate comedy, well supplied with stupidity and occasionally funny one-liners.

Heather Graham plays Jo, a young, attractive, but extremely unskilled hairdresser, in a small country town. After nearly cutting the ear off Gilly (Chris Klein), one of her customers, she rushes him to the emergency room, and they fall in love. Everything is fine until they discover-with the aid of a small town detective - that they're really brother and sister (Gilly was adopted and never knew who his real parents were until now).

So, with the blessing of her mother, Valdine, (Sally Fields), Jo runs off to Seattle and gets engaged to her disgustingly rich ex-boyfriend. From then on the numerous comedic scenes involving Sally Fields become the highlight of the movie.

Later, when Gilly discovers that they aren't really brother and sister, he chases Jo to Seattle, hoping to talk her out of marrying her ex - and subsequently convince her to marry him, instead.

On his way, Gilly runs into many pitfalls - the police are notified that he's a sex pervert; he almost kills a man with no legs on the highway; Graham's real brother wants to keep him away from Seattle until after the wedding.

Say It Isn't So has some ridiculously stupid moments - most of them are comical, while a few fall flat. However, you have to be willing to laugh at very unintelligent humor here. For example, a scene where Gilly fishes Jo's engagement ring out of a cow's rear end is gross, yet head-bangingly stupid - and incredibly laughable. This movie should go over big with fans of Dumb and Dumber or Something about Mary - that's why I basically enjoyed it. However, if you're a movie snob and you want something more refined - skip this one.

My Rating = Three Stars

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