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Young Einstein


Roger Davidson

Young Einstein
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A one-joke movie that wears out in less than a minute. Australian comedian Yahoo Serious attempted a breakthrough in America with this excruciating comedy, which rips apart the life of Albert Einstein. Not only has Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, he has discovered Rock & Roll and he lived in Tasmania. Plus, he spent time in a sanitarium that makes "cat pies".

Utterly tasteless, which wouldn't be so bad if the humor was at least a little clever. Not only will it not make you laugh, it'll bore you to sleep in under ten minutes. That's got to be a new world's record! Serious is the most obnoxious thing about this, trying to pen himself off as the Jim Carrey from down under. He wrote, produced, directed and starred in this one-his first feature-but this ain't no Citizen Kane.

My Rating = One Star

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