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Roger Davidson

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This film, for those who have not seen it, is truly good. It is a werewolf film for those of you who are wondering but is not a full blown wolf movie. It doesn't have all the big werewolf effects that all the others have. It really doesn't need any because it has good acting from Jack Nicholson. He gets bitten by a wolf on a country road while driving back to New York from New England. Then, new things start to happen. His senses become better than ever and he starts to look younger then he is. The transformation and Jack's discovery of his new powers are truly great from a great actor. He doesn't become a full blown wolf that runs on all fours and then changes back to a naked man. It would be a little old fashioned and might keep away some werewolf fans.

But Jack is so good that he doesn't need any make-up. He can make you believe he is a real wolf just by an expression on his face. The supporting cast is good with Michelle Pfeiffer as the woman Jack falls in love with. James Spader is quite good in the typical yuppie performance. Yes he is still playing a slimeball, but what a slimeball!

My Rating = Three Stars

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