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Roger Davidson

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This is not one of Bakshi's best and it's far from his worst (which would be Cool World), but it has it's low points. The story takes place millions of years into the future were there are two races of creature living on the post-apocalypse planet. A race of fairy tale like creatures, (elves, fairies and wizards) have sprung up and live in a real cardboard world of make-believe. The second race is a race of mutants who are lead by a black wizard. The wizard conjures up Hitler's armies to destroy the fairy tale people.

The film has its humor spread out enough but, like most Bakshi films, it's uneven. The interesting aspect of the film is that it was the first of Bakshi's films to use rotoscoping (a technique that traces animation from live actors), but other than that, it might not be such a good idea to rent this one, unless you are a die-hard Bakshi fan like me. I like his other stuff (save Cool World) and this isn't all that bad, but be warned about suggestions for this film at parties.

My Rating = Two Stars

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