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Wise Guys


Roger Davidson

Wise Guys
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An underrated comedy from Brian De Palma, which follows two complete screw-ups (Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo), who mess up big time when they try to double-cross their boss (Dan Hedaya). Hedaya decides the ultimate punishment should be that they be secretly assigned to kill each other. They take off for Atlantic City, in hopes of finding someone in the mob who can bargain for their lives with Hedaya.

Despite what little praise this received, it has plenty of moments that are guarantied to get some huge laughs. It's also full of memorable characters, including wrestler Lou Albano as the quick-tempered hit man, Fixer. DeVito and Piscopo are also quite good, pulling off a modern-day Laurel-and-Hardy act with expert comic grace. If there is anything wrong with this, it's the tendency towards the end to attempt to force laughter from the audience. But the ending does manage to pull off a whammy, despite this minor flaw.

My Rating = Three Stars

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