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Who's the Man


Roger Davidson

Who's the Man
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MTV VJ's Dr. Dre and Ed Lover attempt to do a modern day Laurel and Hardy act, but end up being as ingloriously stupid and racist as Amos 'N Andy. They play two bumbling cops, who try to solve the murder of their best friend. During the case, they meet a group of strange people (made up of various MTV favorites as Denis Leary, Cheryl "Salt" James, Ice-T, Cypress Hill and Kriss Kross).

Most of the humor is dumb. Real dumb! It also goes to extreme lengths to reinforce racist stereotypes like bug-eyed black people, lame white people, marble-mouthed Asians, etc. The laughs come and go, while the plot and characters are almost non-existent. Man, what a decade we live in when we think nasty airheads like the characters in this film are "cool".

My Rating = Two Stars

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