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While You Were Sleeping


Roger Davidson

While You Were Sleeping
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Why are there so many love stories coming out these days. First there were films like "Sleepless in Seattle", then "Only You" and now this. Don't get me wrong, I like a good romance and this is okay, but enough already. The plot revolves around a lonely young woman (Sandra Bullock of "Speed") who has nobody to talk to except her cat. She works in a subway booth and admires from her booth a handsome businessman (Peter Gallagher). One day, he's knocked off from the station onto the tracks and is rescued by Bullock from being run over.

He goes into a coma and during a visit to the hospital, his family comes and mistakes her for his fiancee. Even though the whole story about her being his fiancee is wrong, she decides to go along with it so that she doesn't break their hearts. She later meets Gallagher's brother (Bill Pullman) and falls in love with him through the course of the movie.

The acting is just fine and the story has a few surprises, including the fact that it was number one in money making at it's opening weekend, but it seems to be the same old story with no real twist. It's still a nice movie to see and I might see it again but can't Hollywood make more out of love stories of today than going back to the old cliche. Still, there are the few surprises that keep it going.

My Rating = Three Stars

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