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When Harry Met Sally


Roger Davidson

When Harry Met Sally
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A delightful romantic comedy, which would boost Meg Ryan into a series of (sometimes good, sometimes anemic) romantic films like Sleepless in Seattle. Ryan and Billy Crystal star as two people, who over the years develop a friendly relationship and try to make sure nothing messes it up. Could it be perchance romance that they want to keep out of the relationship?

Filmed in a style not unlike Woody Allen or Paul Mazursky, Crystal and Ryan offer two winning lead performances, and the script is full of memorable one-liners. One scene in a restaurant, involving the results of Crystal's claim that women can't fake orgasms, is already considered a classic moment in comedy. But that one-liner at the end of the scene (provided by Director Rob Reiner's mother) is the icing on the cake.

My Rating = Four Stars

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