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Wes Craven's New Nightmare


Roger Davidson

Wes Craven's New Nightmare
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Sadly to say, Craven just won't let the character of Freddy Krueger (played as always by Robert Englund) rest in peace. Instead, Wes had to drag him up into this mess. An interesting premise, having the actors (Heather Langenkamp, Englund and Craven) play themselves, while Freddy haunts the set of the new Nightmare film on which they are working. It's a premise that wears thin after only ten minutes. The special effects are not really special and Freddy hardly appears until the last half hour. Freddy just isn't as interesting as he once was.

Plus, the score does not belong to a film. It belongs in a religious epic about the crucifixion of Christ. Believe me! Stay away from this one!! You might be able to save those dollars for something better.

My Rating = One Star

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