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Weekend at Bernie's 2


Roger Davidson

Weekend at Bernie's 2
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Basically just a rehash of the first film which, let's face it, wasn't exactly crying out for a sequel. Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy reprise their roles from the first film as two employees. In the first film they were invited by their boss to come to his vacation home by the beach and found him dead, killed by lethal injection. In this film, They find out that Bernie (once again played by Terry Kiser) had a fortune hidden somewhere on the Virgin Islands, and they need the help of there old buddy Bernie to find it. However, a voodoo witch has placed a strange spell on Bernie, which allows him to move and walk only when there is Caribbean music playing, so that she can find the money.

The scenery is nice, but that's the only good thing about this BOMB. It relies only on sight gags, which grows tiresome after a while, instead of keeping you in stitches. Please let this series rest in peace with Bernie.

My Rating = One Star

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