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We're No Angels


Roger Davidson

We're No Angels
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A remake of a 1955 Bogart classic, the story seems very much stuck in the time it takes place: 1935. Robert De Niro and Sean Penn play two escaped convicts, who are trying to make it across to Canada. Through a strange series of mishaps, they are mistaken for two famous priests. They decide that the best thing they can do is try and pull off the ruse, until they make it across the border. The results are less than unsatisfying.

A predictable comedy, that is redeemed only by the performances by De Niro and Penn and some marvelous production design. Demi Moore, in a supporting role as a poor single mother, seems especially out of place with the proceedings. Neil Jordan's scattershot direction and David Mamet's lukewarm script make the story seem incoherent with every passing minute. The next time you see this film, I think you better make a run for Canada.

My Rating = Two Stars

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