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Roger Davidson

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The only thing that will make this even a bit memorable, is the fact that this is the most expensive film (over $150 Million) ever made by far. Actually, it's not such a bad action picture. The sci-fi tale takes place after the polar ice caps have melted, and the world has been entirely flooded over. The remaining inhabitants of the world believe there is still a piece of dry land somewhere. A young child (Tina Majorino) holds the secret to where that land might be. Kevin Costner stars as a gill-man, who becomes the child's savior and protector. The main villains of the story are a new breed of sea pirate, lead by a one-eyed baddie (Dennis Hopper, in one of his typical flamboyant performances).

The movie's money wasn't spent on good acting, but it's special effects and action sequences are most impressive. The story could have used a few rewrites, considering it's just an old pirate story, updated to a Mad Max type of future. At least the performers try hard. Costner, Hopper, Majorino and Jeanne Tripplehorn as Majorino's mother figure are actually quite good. If they only had a little better story to help them along...

My Rating = Three Stars

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