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Watership Down


Roger Davidson

Watership Down
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Based on Richard Adams' popular novel, the story follows a group of rabbits, whose home is threatened by humans and who are forced to leave and find a new home. They eventually find a home, but there are no female rabbits to start a new burrow. So, the rabbits go out in search for females and end up having to fight the dictatorial, rabbit General Woundwort (voiced by Harry Andrews).

This is probably the best non-Disney animated film I've ever seen. Both adults and children will enjoy this. The comic relief is provided by comedian Zero Mostel (in his last role), as the voice of the looney Seagull, Kehaar. The film is full of famed British stars, doing the voices of various characters, amongst them John Hurt (The Elephant Man and Alien), Denholm Elliot and Ralph Richardson. The reason why the story is so good is because the rabbits seem so human. You actually care about them. This is one of the best animated films of all time.

My Rating = Four Stars

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