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The Waterdance


Roger Davidson

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A highly interesting story about paraplegics, and the process of rehabilitation of the multi-varied people in a multi-ethnic center. The depiction pays close attention to three particular men. A writer (Eric Stoltz), who is not only trying to rehabilitate from a recent accident, but is also trying to carry on an affair with a married woman (Helen Hunt); a braggart (Wesley Snipes), who constantly boasts of his past sexual conquests ; and a tough-talking bigot (William Forsythe), who carries on a bickering friendship with Snipes. All three learn eventually to cope with some of their disadvantages, and learn some new advantages that they never had before.

This is not as maudlin as it sounds. It offers three dynamic performances by Stoltz, Snipes and Forsythe (the latter two make a great team) and a realistic setting, showing the hardships and the successes of the three men. Of the three roles, I'd have to say that Forsythe offers up the most convincing one. It's a fine directorial debut for directors Neal Jimenez and Michael Steinberg and a wonderful tale and despite what appears to be a tragic premise, is actually a very uplifting escapade. There is nothing about it that is either dull or maudlin.

My Rating = Three Stars

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