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Roger Davidson

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A stunning picture from former cinematographer Nicholas Roeg (who also did the breathtaking visuals for this one). The adventure story takes place in the Australian outback, where a teenage girl (Jenny Agutter) and her little brother (Lucien John) attempt to make their way through the scorching desert. They are helped by an aborigine boy (David Gulpilil), who has been sent by his people out into the wilderness, in order to learn how to survive on his own and become a man (a process known as a "walkabout", hence the title of this picture). Agutter and John learn how to survive just as skillfully and become slightly seduced by the call of the wild.

The desert does indeed seem more seductive in this picture, than the scenes of banal existence in the civilized world. Three impressive performances, an enchanting story and an amazing adventure that puts most Hollywood material to shame.

My Rating = Four Stars

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