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Vampire in Brooklyn


Roger Davidson

Vampire in Brooklyn
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Well, once again, another Eddie Murphy film disappoints. The story of a Caribbean vampire, who comes to Brooklyn in search of the perfect woman, is reminiscent to a 1970's film called "Blacula". Murphy himself isn't all that bad. Once again, he gets to play a range of characters, as he did in Coming to America. Besides playing the vampire, he plays a preacher, who drinks too much and an Italian hood. In the mean time, he finds the perfect woman, in the form of a New York cop (Angela Bassett). She also turns in an equally fine performance. The supporting cast is okay, with Kadeem Hardison in the Renfield role and Allen Payne as Bassett's partner.

Despite some good performances and an interesting style of storytelling, the film doesn't quite work. I thought that with Wes Craven helming the project, it would be an imaginative experience. Sadly, Craven just uses every cliche from every Vampire film. However, I'm glad to say that this isn't as sexist as some of the recent film work that Murphy has done. Still, the film is pretty entertaining. It just needed some work on the script, that's all.

My Rating = Two Stars

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