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The Usual Suspects


Roger Davidson

Usual Suspects, The
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This is surely one of the best movies of 1995, and certainly one of the most suspenseful, The Usual Suspects is about five criminals, who meet in a line-up and decide to start pulling off heists together. However, they get involved with a crimelord named Keyser Soze. The gang is forced by Soze's minions to become part of Soze's underworld. Eventually, it leads to a shoot-out between Soze's reluctant gang and a rival gang, on a cargo ship.

This all happens in flashback, with a detective (Chazz Palminteri) trying to piece together who Keyser Soze is, with the help of the survivor of the reluctant gang, a crippled coward (Kevin Spacey). This film has a well-kept secret of who Soze is, and I'm certainly not going to reveal who he is. It's probably one of the best-kept secrets since The Crying Game. The acting is excellent, including Gabriel Byrne (Cool World) and Stephen Baldwin (Threesome), the most talented of the Baldwin brothers. Great direction and a compelling screenplay make this one of the best films I've ever seen in my entire life.

My Rating = Four Stars

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