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Roger Davidson

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An extremely funny documentary on the world of fashion design and modeling. The film follows the life of designer Isaac Misrahi through some of the strangest situations ever captured on screen. He's getting prepared for a show, which will introduce his latest collection of clothes for the 1995 season. He meets such interesting celebs as Eartha Kitt (one of the Catwomen on the TV show "Batman") and models Cindy Crawford and Niomi Campbell, who will be part of the show. He talks a lot about Nanook of the North, a classic documentary film, and sings the theme to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" all through the film.

Isaac is an interesting man, though the film itself tends to drag in various spots and the filmakers talk to people who seem rather bored with what they are talking about. Though the film does have a good climax, capturing how the show went, as well as the models' reaction to dressing and preparing for the show in front of a see-through background. Mizrahi is a man who is good at what he does and has a great sense of humor. Though the subject sounds uninteresting, there are plenty of moments that light up Unzipped.

My Rating = Three Stars

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