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The Untouchables


Roger Davidson

Untouchables, The
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A remake of the popular TV series, Kevin Costner stars as prohibition-era G-man Elliot Ness, who must deal with corruption in the police department and the crime underworld of Al Capone (Robert De Niro). He gains streetwise wisdom and friendship from tough Irish cop, Jimmy Malone (Sean Connery, in a knockout role), and fellow agents George Stone (Andy Garcia) and Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith).

Full of some gritty, fast-paced action sequences, great production values and some towering performances (especially by De Niro, Connery and Garcia). The climax, which has some traces of the "Odessa steps" sequence from Potemkin, is a real nail-biter. Brian De Palma packs a skillful directorial punch, with everything near perfect.

My Rating = Four Stars

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