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Undercover Blues


Roger Davidson

Undercover Blues
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Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid attempt a carbon copy of the William Powell-Myrna Loy formula, but sink rapidly into the mire of forced comedy and action scenes. If you even wish to decipher the story, it follows Jeff and Jane Blue (Turner and Quaid), two married undercover agents, with a baby in tow, who are assigned to go after a mad megalomaniac (Fiona Shaw) .

That's about it, in case you thought there was something deep to all this. Turner and Quaid try, I'll give them that, but they don't seem to click as a married couple. In fact, the leads in The Wizard of Oz had more sexual chemistry than these two have. The best performance comes from Stanley Tucci (Murder One) as a inept thief named Muerte (or as Quaid calls him, "Morty"). He's the only thing good within this dull, absolutely lifeless comedy.

My Rating = Two Stars

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