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Under Siege


Roger Davidson

Under Siege
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Steven Seagal got his highest grossing film ever, with this ludicrous Die Hard rip-off. Seagal is special agent-turned cook Casey Ryback, who takes on an army of terrorists who've taken over the ship, U.S.S Missouri. The bad guys are lead by a suicidal madman (Tommy Lee Jones) and the mutinous Commander Krill (Gary Busey). Neither one count on lowly cook Seagal to be any trouble. But surprise! He takes on the whole lot of them and really screws up their perfect plans.

This does offer some good action sequences, but Seagal is such a bad actor and his stone-cold character is really hard to like. Busey and Jones come off better as the hilariously cartoonish villains, but almost anyone is better than Seagal when it comes to acting. Plus, much of the blood-splattering violence and action tend to get a little repetitive after a while. Still, if watching a butcher knife shoved into someone's head is your cup of tea, then be my guest.

My Rating = Two Stars

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