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Roger Davidson

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The first major film of the summer, Twister is a throwback to the disaster films of the 70's. It follows a group of stormchasers (led by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt) as they track down half a dozen twisters in the Tornado belt of the Midwest. The purpose of this is to set up a device inside the Tornado, that will be able to predict the path of the twister and enable weathermen to warn the residents in the area sooner than usual.

Where's Dorothy when you need her? The special effects and action sequences are good, but they are too far apart and too few between. That leaves us with dumb acting, idiotic characters and a useless script. Of course, it's become a big hit in the past few weeks, but still, I haven't met anyone who says they actually liked it! If you've got nothing better to do then lay on the couch at home, picking your nose, go ahead and see this movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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