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The Truth About Cats and Dogs


Roger Davidson

Truth About Cats and Dogs, The
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This is a truly charming romantic comedy. Janeane Garafolo stars as a radio talk show vet, who gives out advice on the air about how to treat and take care of your pets. She's great with animals, but has trouble with people, especially trying to find a decent-relationship-with-a-man-type people. Then one day on her talk show, she receives a call from a man (Ben Chaplin) who is having major trouble with his dog. She calmly talks him through getting his dog to relax, and as an outcome Chaplin becomes smitten with her voice. He asks Garafolo if he can meet her and perhaps go on a date. However, Garafolo feels that if she meets him in person, she'll just be rejected by him as just another Plain Jane. So, she gets her model friend (Uma Thurman, doing a bit of a Goldie Hawn) to fill in the physical parts of her relationship with Chaplin. Chaplin falls in love with Garafolo's voice and Thurman's body, leading to some hilarious predicaments.

The story is kind of predictable, but the three stars (Garafolo, Chaplin and Thurman) rise above the usual cliches and add some new spark and witty dialogue. It's influence comes mainly from Cyrano De Bergerac, with a touch of Beauty and the Beast. It does have some sappy moments, but mostly it's a great date movie and a snappy comedy to boot.

My Rating = Three Stars

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