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Truth or Dare


Roger Davidson

Truth or Dare
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This is a fascinating documentary that follows rock superstar Madonna on her 1990 Blond Ambition world tour. The bulk of the film is devoted to uncovering the underside phenomenon of Madonna's famous essence. In turn, Madonna allows the filmakers to shoot some particularly dynamic backstage sequences and private moments in Madonna's life, which involve her relationship with her family; her discussions with then-beau Warren Beatty (which provide some very funny moments); trouble with the Canadian police at one of her stage shows in Canada; Kevin Costner coming backstage to tell her that her show was "neat" (what she does after Costner leaves is priceless); and an interesting round of Truth or Dare with her dancers-comrades.

The film is important in the way that it shows celebrities, not as superhumans or subhumans, but people who eat, shit and breath just like the rest of us. It's true, Madonna is not what you'd call a typical person and she is at times very shallow, but this film at least shows that she is a hardworking human being, compared to the way much of the press portrays her (which appears to be a vision of a sex gargoyle from the outer limits). Some touching moments involve a visit to Madonna's mother's grave, and when an old friend goes backstage to ask Madonna if she'd be the Godmother of her child. This is an entertaining and irresistible documentary, in the mold of such "rockumentaries" as Gimme Shelter, Woodstock and Stop Making Sense.

My Rating = Four Stars

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