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True Lies


Roger Davidson

True Lies
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The most recent "comeback kid" honor should go to Arnold for this biting satire on action films. This was released a year after the debacle known as The Last Action Hero. Like most Schwarzenegger films, the plot is relatively simple. Arnold portrays a dull married salesperson by day, a suave secret agent at night. He has problems of course keeping his identity a secret from his wife (Jaime Lee Curtis), a milquetoast who has her suspicions about her husband. However, it seems that his life might come unraveled, when he mistakenly thinks that Curtis is having an affair with a nebbish (Bill Paxton), who claims to be a secret agent. Of course, this eventually leads to more complicated matters, but I think watching the film would be better than trying to explain it all.

One of Arnold's best comedies, this is practically a send-up of virtually every James Bond-secret agent film of the past three decades. Most of the actors give winning performances, including Schwarzenegger, Curtis, Paxton and Tom Arnold as Arnold's loyal friend and sidekick. The action is pretty good too, because it tends to make fun of all the other ludicrous action sequences from Arnold's earlier works, and countless other action vehicles. Like I said, better seen than described.

My Rating = Four Stars

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