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Roger Davidson

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Here is a good choice for a sci-fi film. A great spoof of the old B-movie horror flicks of the 50's, it takes place in a dying desert town, where two handymen (Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon) find out that there are gigantic mutated worms living under the ground and killing people, and they have to stop them. Along with them are two gung-ho survivalists ("Family Ties" Michael Gross and country singer Reba McEntire) who, at one point, take on one of the worms with an huge arsenal of machine guns, shotguns and even an elephant gun.

It's not a great movie, but it's certainly worth watching. The actors are good, including McEntire and Gross playing characters that you'd never think they would (or could) play. The country music is fine for the setting and it has some excellent special effects. If you're a sci-fi fan and you like good comedy to go along with it, then this is the film for you.

My Rating = Three Stars

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