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Trapped in Paradise


Roger Davidson

Trapped in Paradise
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Lo and behold, it seems we have another failure from Dana Carvey. Carvey portrays the dumb one among three brothers (the other two are Jon Lovitz and Nicholas Cage), who rob a bank in a small Pennsylvania town. The robbery goes smoothly, but they just can't seem to get out of town. They even end up at the family home of the manager whose bank they just robbed.

Enough said I think. The film is full of slapstick humor, that is far from funny. Carvey's usual shtick is getting boring, as is Lovitz' pathetic schmuck characters. The most amazing thing in this though is Cage's outrageous overacting. It seems he believes that, the louder you yell, the funnier your going to be. I could think of at least a dozen things that are probably more fun than this. Like nailing myself to a cross!

My Rating = One Star

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