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The Toxic Avenger


Roger Davidson

The Toxic Avenger
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A cult hit spoof of exploitation flicks, which involves the transformation of a 90-pound weakling into a hulking, crime- fighting monster. He goes around mashing bad guys heads, while romancing a blind girl who he saved from death. Of course, not everyone wants "Toxie" to be around, considering him a menace to society. So it's time to cause more chaos than the monster has ever done before in his life.

Despite the incredibly gross effects and sight gags, this remains a strangely enjoyable experience. It features some funny pot-shots at exploitation features of the past, the health craze of the 1980's and even such highly praised features as The Elephant Man. Nothing is left unscathed. That helps make this the best film ever produced by the low-budget production company, Troma.

My Rating = Three Stars

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