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Top Secret!


Roger Davidson

Top Secret!
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Do you really want to know the plot of this one?! Alright, for arguments sake, I'll tell it. This great spoof of both spy films and Elvis Presley musicals is hysterical. Though not the Zuckers' best, it's still extremely funny. Val Kilmer, an actor who I've always admired, presents one of his funniest characters to date, Nick Rivers, a Presley-like rock star, who goes behind the iron curtain in East Germany and virtually tears it apart.

Once again, the comedy is great and the supporting cast strong. Although it lags in some spots, it is held up by the dumb-funny humor of the Zuckers' and the charismatic performance of Kilmer. Funniest scene: While Kilmer is being tortured, he drifts into a nightmare about missing all his high-school classes, and then...well, you'll just have to see the movie to find out.

My Rating = Three Stars

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