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Roger Davidson

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Ken Russell's film version of The Who's popular rock opera, is energetic to the extreme. Roger Daltrey plays young Tommy, deaf, dumb and blind, who becomes the new messiah after his senses are brought back to him. Upon regaining his sight, hearing and voice, he becomes the Pinball Wizard and champion of the world. He then must deal with his cadre of loyal followers and the commercialism of his image by his mother (Ann-Margret) and not-so-kind stepfather (Oliver Reed).

A film that has a strong cult following, this has some very cool visuals and some excellent music provided by The Who. There are even some comic moments provided by guest stars Elton John (singing Pinball Wizard), Keith Moon and Tina Turner as the Acid Queen. The performances are excellent, including Margret's stunningly sexual role as Tommy's mother. It does tend to over-indulge in message and technical aspects, as is the tendency in Russell's films. However, the music will no doubt hold your attention for a good portion of the way through.

My Rating = Three Stars

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