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To Live and Die in LA


Roger Davidson

To Live and Die in LA
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One of William Friedkin's better works of film, this follows the pursuit of a counterfeiter (Willem Dafoe) by a tough secret service agent (William Petersen), who is just as bad as Dafoe. It features one of the best film chases in recent history, as Petersen and his buddy are being chased along the LA freeway, going down the wrong way! It has great performances by Petersen, Dafoe (cool as a cucumber in his part), Dean Stockwell as Dafoe's lawyer, and John Turturro as one of Dafoe's sleazy cronies. With the gritty feel of NYPD Blue and Friedkin's earlier The French Connection, and one hell of a great chase sequence, this is destined to be an action classic in the next few years.

My Rating = Four Stars

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