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Tin Cup


Roger Davidson

Tin Cup
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Only Ron Shelton of Bull Durham and White Men Can't Jump fame could make a sport like golf interesting, let alone entertaining. Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy (Kevin Costner at his most charming) is a golfer, who lives in a backwater town in Texas and owns a rundown golf course. He's given the opportunity to play in the U.S. Open against his rival, and old partner (Don Johnson). Meanwhile, he is attempting to romance the local stiff-as-a-board psychiatrist (Rene Russo) and practice with his best friend and caddy (Cheech Marin).

With a script full of great one-liners and funny conversations, Shelton makes golf interesting by filming it from the viewpoint of the player, which is much different from the viewpoint of an observer. All the performances are good, including Costner in his best role since JFK. Russo is witty and quite funny herself as the heroine, Cheech is the perfect sidekick and Johnson wonderfully slimy. A perfect companion piece with another Shelton-Costner collaboration, Bull Durham.

My Rating = Three Stars

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