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Things to Do in Denver when You're Dead


Roger Davidson

Things to Do in Denver when You're
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I'm not sure whether this was the most underrated film of this year, or an incredibly mind-numbing experience. It follows a few days in the life of Jimmy the Saint (Andy Garcia), a criminal-turned-do-gooder, who is drawn back into the world of crime to pull one last job for his old crime boss (Christopher Walken). All Walken wants Garcia to do is rough up a guy. Absolutely no killing! However, to make sure it goes right, Garcia decides to drag his old buddies into this mess. None too surprisingly, everything goes wrong, thanks to the psychotic (Treat Williams) of the bunch. Now, Walken tells Garcia to get out of town in "48 hours.... or die." Plus, he sends a hired killer (Steve Buscemi) to take care of Garcia's cronies. Garcia attempts to live up to his name, by trying to save his friends from oblivion.

It's a complete muddle. On one hand it has excellent performances (including Williams great over-the-top role). On the other hand, it's got too many long, drawn out scenes that could have been cut a little shorter. It also needed a better editor. Too many scenes just slapped together. The director could have tried a little less to make this be like Pulp Fiction, and a little more original. But what the hey! Any film that has Treat Williams as a guy who uses a corpse as a boxing-bag, can't be too bad! Decide for yourself!!

My Rating = Two Stars

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