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Thelma and Louise


Roger Davidson

Thelma and Louise
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One of the most excellent road movies ever made, and definitely a feminist film. Controversial and a huge topic of discussion at the time of it's release, none of this hurt the film one bit. Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis play the title characters, who decide to take a vacation away from there dreary lives. However, Davis leaves without telling her sexist-chauvinist husband (Christopher McDonald). The two stop at a country western bar, where Davis is almost raped by one of the local boys. Sarandon saves her by shooting the guy. After that, the two of them are on the run from the cops and the FBI.

The two leads are excellent in their Oscar nominated roles. The best of the supporting roles are Harvey Keitel as a fed and the only person who has sympathy for the two women, even though he is forced to chase them across the South, and Brad Pitt, as a young hustler, who gives Davis a one-night stand. The film does not paint a good picture of men. Most are either crude, nasty, sexist, slime, or just plain stupid. That is for sure the reason why most men didn't like this film. However, I liked it, because it's about damn time somebody showed what men can really be like.

This movie doesn't mean to say that ALL men are bad. It's just showing the dark and sinister things SOME men do. It's also extremely underrated by many critics. Well, Thelma and Louise will get at least one high rating from one critic.

My Rating = Four Stars

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