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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Roger Davidson

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The
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Here we have a cult classic about five people, who return to the place where they grew up. However, the house is now occupied by a inbred family of cannibals, who have an bizarre idea of what type of meat makes a good barbecue. The pride and joy of the family is Leatherface, a squealing madman, who wears a mask made out of a human face and totes around a chainsaw for slicing and dicing his victims. That's the story in a nut-shell. It's sort of based on the life of notorious serial killer Ed Gein, who killed his victims and made things out of their skin. The film is terrifying and stomach-churning. It has a sort of claustrophobic feel to it, making you squirm in your seats. Though people say this is a really bloody film, there's only about three minutes worth of blood, tops! Also, the idea of watching people get clubbed in the head and hung up on meat hooks, might be a bit much for people with weak stomachs. Still, this has the power to terrify and shock, even after all this time.

My Rating = Three Stars

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