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The Terminator


Roger Davidson

Terminator, The
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A model for countless action films to follow, Schwarzenegger has rarely topped the performance he portrayed in this one. He plays a violence-prone cyborg, sent from a 21st century, post-apocalyptic hell to 1984, to kill a woman (Linda Hamilton) who is the key to the robot's destruction in the future. But Arnold doesn't count on a human soldier from the future (Michael Biehn), sent back to protect Hamilton and destroy the Terminator.

A non-stop thrill ride from beginning to end, this is no ordinary run-of-the-mill action fare. This is actually a pretty smart action film (yes, that type of film does still exist). The performances are all excellent, especially Schwarzenegger as the heartless killing machine. The action? Don't get me started on the action. It's just too astounding for words! It's an oldie, but most certainly a goodie. Perfect for action fans.

My Rating = Four Stars

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