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"Males go through menopause too. Women may have it covered in the biological department, but believe me, Men have got it covered in the Psychological one." - Robert Webber in 10

Although this was more well-known for the introduction of Bo Derek (she of the bouncing boobs on the beach), it is actually a hilarious satire of mid-life crisis'. Dudley Moore is an Academy-award winning songwriter, who is having difficulty contemplating middle age. He seems to have everything: a nice car; a fancy home; a smart, beautiful girlfriend (Julie Andrews). He also doesn't seem to mind the X-rated behavior of his across-the-hills neighbor.

But he feels that as he grows older, his lust for life will gradually decrease. That is until he sees an angelic angel in white (Derek, in a fine homage to Claudia Cardinale's role in Fellini's 8 1/2). Derek- who happens to be getting married at the same time Moore first sights her- represents to Moore everything that can help him feel young again. He pursue her, while getting into a series of embarrassing circumstances. Will he get the girl of his dreams? That perfect 10? Well, sort of?! Let's just say that he eventually discovers where his real source of happiness comes from.

After bombs like Santa Claus: The Movie and Crazy People, it takes a film like 10 to remind us how incredibly funny Moore used to be, especially when it comes to one-liners and witty conversations. He is supported quite well by Brian Dennehy as the most understanding bartender you'd ever want to meet, Robert Webber as Moore's aging gay friend and Andrews as Moore's impatient girlfriend. Derek too actually fulfills her part of the picture, as a generation of Male's perfect 10. Although I'll admit that I was rooting for Moore to get the girl, the ending was much more suitable to Moore's situation. The moral of the film: Life definitely does NOT end at 40.

My Rating = Four Stars

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