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Taxi Driver


Roger Davidson

Taxi Driver
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Here is one of many movies that has divided critics over and over again. As with A Clockwork Orange and Blue Velvet, it's hard to know if this is true art, or just one man's sick fantasy. It still shows an interesting portrait of hell, as seen through the eyes of demented New York cabbie, Travis Bickle (De Niro again). None of the characters seem to be very sympathetic. And yet, Scorsese shows sympathy for Bickle. He's a Vietnam vet who is dissatisfied with how his country has turned out in his absence.

Besides De Niro, one of the other more compelling performances comes from Jodie Foster as the 12-year old prostitute, Iris, who Bickle declares he must save from the slimy world of pimps. Her performance is just a prelude of the great performances to come. The breakfast scene with her and De Niro is a classic. Even though it's violent and depressing, it still is one of cinema's most compelling works ever to be put on screen.

My Rating = Four Stars

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