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Tales from the Hood


Roger Davidson

Tales from the Hood
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One of the recent releases on home video, Tales From the Hood, is a spoof, and in a strange way pays homage to Tales From the Crypt. The film revolves around a creepy mortician, (Mod Squad's Clarence Williams III), who tells four horror stories to a trio of gangsters, who come upon him while looking for lost drugs. The drugs in question are now in the mortician's possession. The first tale involves three racist cops, who are pursued by the vengeful ghost of a black civil rights activist, who they had killed. The second story has a subtile message about child abuse. A kid named Walter is being abused by a "monster" that can only be killed by drawing his picture and tearing it up.

The third is one of the stupider ones. L.A. Law's Corbin Bernsen is a gubernatorial candidate and ex-Klansman (Bernsen's character was obviously patterned after David Duke), whose home is being invaded by killer dolls. Oh, what an original premise that is! Haven't we seen about a dozen movies made about killer dolls? The final one is the best. The premise is borrowed somewhat from A Clockwork Orange. A gangster is shot by a rival gang, after killing one of the gang's members. However, before they can finish him off, the cops come and kill the gang. The gangster survives to be sent to prison. Next, he is selected by a doctor (Rosalind Cash), who puts him through a special mind experiment to show all the wrongs he's done in his life and possibly try to convince him to change his ways.

Except for the third segment, this is a pretty good comedy in horror film clothing. Williams is perfectly weird as the mortician. Plus, the ending has a great twist. Though the film isn't perfect, it's good enough to go to the video store and rent it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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