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Take the Money and Run


Roger Davidson

Take the Money and Run
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A hilariously madcap debut from the master of neurotic comedy, Woody Allen. The story spoofs various crime and prison films, to tell the tale of the life of a truly incompetent thief (Allen). The film follows his life in documentary-style, as he constantly screws up everything from bank robbing to breaking out of jail.

Allen did have a groundbreaking film here. It was the first of its kind of comedy to make fun of the machismo gangster flicks, by casting a short, neurotic nebbish in the part of the usual tough guy role. Some of the funniest scenes in here include Woody's escape from a chain gang, with five other prisoners chained with him; his attempt to play cello in a marching band; and a side-splitting moment in which he tries to rob a bank, using a misspelled note. Allen has done many better works then this, but rarely with as many great sight gags.

My Rating = Four Stars

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