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Roger Davidson

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A truly stupid comedy, this was meant to spoof films like Showgirls, but ended up being just as sleazy as that film. Demi Moore stars as stripper Erin Grant (a role she received $12 million for), who gets caught up in some unusual circumstances in an attempt to win custody of her child (real-life daughter Rumer Willis) from her low-life ex-husband (Robert Patrick). Among the various characters involved in the plot are a homicide detective (Armand Assante), an over-protective bouncer (Ving Rhames) and a dumb-as-dirt congressman (Burt Reynolds).

Well, it's fair to say that Hell has finally frozen over, when films like this are considered entertaining. Moore tries hard acting wise, I'll give her that, but she isn't exactly striking a blow for women's lib. Then there is Reynolds, whose "comeback" role this was supposed to be, gives his most ludicrous performance to date. The humor in this wouldn't even be considered funny by the Beavis and Butt-Head crowd which this film is obviously geared to. Is their anything good about this? The plot! Surprised are you?! You see, the plot had potential of being a good movie, something like Elmore Leonard's pulp fiction novel (and recent movie), Get Shorty. But the filmakers screwed up royal on that point too. After you've seen the first two minutes of this film, you really don't need to stay to see the end.

My Rating = One Star

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