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Streets of Fire


Roger Davidson

Streets of Fire
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A 1950's rock film for the 1980's, this introduces us to Tom Cody (Michael Pare), a soldier-of-fortune sent to rescue his ex-girlfriend (Diane Lane), a rock star, from a sadistic biker gang. He has help from tough-as-nails McCoy (Amy Madigan) and Lane's promoter (Rick Moranis), a guy who looks like the class creep from an old 50's B-movie.

Not only is it a tribute to the old camp classics of another era, it's nicely updated with a hard-driven 80's rock score and music video style visuals that make the place in the film seem like an alien world. Pare is pretty dull in the lead role, but Lane and Madigan are great and seem a hell of a lot tougher than Pare. It's not for everyone's liking, but there are some pleasant surprises hiding here.

My Rating = Three Stars

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