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Strange Days


Roger Davidson

Strange Days
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One of 1995's more underrated entries into crime fiction, this one adds a futuristic element to an old-fashioned pulp story. It takes place around New Year's Eve, 1999. Ex-cop Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) is a dealer in mind discs, CD's which allow you to experience someone else's memory. He acquires a disc that shows a friend of his being murdered. It was taken from the murderer's point of view. With the help of his bodyguard-friend (Angela Bassett) and his old police partner (Tom Sizemore), Fiennes finds a connection between this murder and the murder of a popular rap star-political activist. But someone is trying to stop him from finding out the truths of both murders.

Gritty, hip and full of action, it's a shame that this didn't do well with the public. Perhaps it's the fact that the story is just a Humphrey Bogart mystery updated to the 1990's, but the performers and the direction keep you interested throughout. Fiennes is improving on his American accent and Bassett is great as his tough, able-bodied protector. It has enough twists and turns for three movies and that's the main thing that will hold your attention.

My Rating = Three Stars

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