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Stir Crazy


Roger Davidson

Stir Crazy
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Still one of my all time favorite comedies, this Gene Wilder-Richard Pryor vehicle is a good update of the screwball comedies of yesteryear. The two comics play a couple of losers, attempting to make it rich. Instead, they end up (through some strange circumstances) in prison on a bum rap. While in jail, they make friends with some of the fellow prisoners and devise a clever way of escaping jail. In the meantime, they bungle their way into becoming part of a prison rodeo competition.

The movie just gets funnier and funnier up until the very end, with Wilder and Pryor's great teaming, as well as hilarious mugging, helping you through. The humor may be a bit broad for some tastes, but this is the type of movie that I can dig. Pryor is wonderfully showcased. Don't pass up this one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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