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Stardust Memories


Roger Davidson

Stardust Memories
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Definitely one of Allen's weaker efforts, this is a deliberate homage (some would say carbon copy) to Fellini's 8 1/2. Allen plays an acclaimed filmaker, trying to relax and take a break. Unfortunately, he's hounded by agents, lovers, fans and various weirdos. He tries to escape through some really ludicrous fantasies, some of which don't make sense no matter how many times you see this.

Sadly, much of this ends up being the usual neurotic bitching, frequent in Allen films. He also tends to copy Fellini a little too closely, although this alone isn't the problem. The problem is he drags out scenes too long, which never go anywhere. And when the film is over, you still have absolutely no idea what the point Allen was trying to make in the first place. The laughs are also too far and few in between (the best is the opening scene spoofing the opening of 8 1/2). If their is any compensation, it's Gordon Willis' impressive B&W cinematography. That's about the only thing that holds your attention.

My Rating = Two Stars

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