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Star Trek III: The Search for Spock


Roger Davidson

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
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For this entry in the series, cast member Leonard Nimoy (Spock) took up the directors chair for the story of what Kirk (William Shatner) and crew have to go through to retrieve Spock's body. The sense of adventure is heightened by the fact that Spock's spirit has been stowed away in Bones' (DeForrest Kelley) brain and by the possibility that there is a chance for Spock to live again. But as in every film in the series, Kirk and Co. face a deadly enemy. This time, it's the Klingon warrior, Kruge (Christopher Lloyd), who is out to destroy Captain Kirk, for interfering with his plans for the newly formed "Genesis" planet. This new heavenly orb also happens to be housing Spock's body just at the same moment in time that it is becoming exceedingly unstable.

You should have figured that the creator, Gene Roddenberry, wouldn't just let old Spock die now, didn't you? Of course not!. That's why there's more in the series. This one has plenty of good moments and Lloyd makes a pretty good Klingon. This movie is more for the hard-core Trekkers than anyone else, but still enjoyable to a point for anyone else.

My Rating = Three Stars

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