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Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Roger Davidson

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
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A fine beginning to one of the most popular sci-fi film (and TV) series ever! Our old friends, Capt. Kirk (William Shatner), Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and the rest of the gang are on board the starship Enterprise, to do battle with an ancient alien force. This force is threatening to destroy the entire universe and Kirk and his crew are the only ones who can put a stop to such destruction. Will the universe be destroyed or will Kirk's crew triumph? After Five more movies and three more TV shows, I'm betting on Kirk. Good special effects and a wonderful score are what really keep this going. It's a little slower than the other movies and the actors are taking their roles a little more seriously than usual, but Shatner and bunch keep this moving along at a nice leisurely pace. No fuss and no worry. I like that! I like it even more when they stopped taking their roles so seriously, and had some real fun!.

My Rating = Three Stars

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