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Roger Davidson

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Basically just an "Aliens" rip-off, "Species" is the story of what might happen if you mix human DNA with that of an alien. The result is a reptilian like animal that can change from reptile to human. There isn't much to say about this. The only good performance is by Natasha Henstridge as the alien. Other performances by the likes of Ben Kingsley and Forest Whitaker are wasted. Kingsley plays a scientist, who leads a band of hunters to try and catch Henstridge.

Whitaker is the psychic link to the alien. Whitaker spends most of his time saying all the cliches that psychics have in movies, like "She's here" or the ever-popular "I think she was here". Only two reasons to see this film. The special effects and Henstridge's performance, which isn't much, but believe me, she comes off a lot better than her co-stars.

My Rating = Two Stars

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